Emanations of Eden

Emanations of Eden
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Emanation: to flow out, proceed, as from a source or origin; come forth, originate, arise.

When Adam and Eve partook of the fruit in the Garden of Eden, a transformation took place. Their world changed. Their bodies changed. Mortality began.

Emanations of Eden depicts elements of that moment in time when everything changed and life, as we know it, came forth.

Several symbols portray this transition and life's creation.  Each symbol has its own unique meaning, but could also carry many other interpretations:

The Tree     

There is a progression of dimensions--one-dimensional horizontal divisions, two-dimensional vertical pathways, and the three-dimensional sphere enclosing the tree which suggests an earth-like orb with continent shapes formed by the leaves.  Also, the silhouette of the leaves and branches form the shape of the human brain, and the trunk of the tree alludes to the straightness of the human spine from a posterior or anterior perspective.

The Snake

The snake, a creature that sheds its skin, represents renewal, even immortality. Snakes are considered by cultures throughout the world as good or bad, divine or demonic. "Coiled around the Tree or any axial symbol, it is the awakening of dynamic force...Associated with the Tree of Life its aspect is beneficent, with the Tree of Knowledge it is malefic."

Does the white snake suggest a force for good, or does the white snake indicate irony and deception?  Is this a more universal concept, that temptations often appear innocent at their onset?

The Mist

Two regions of mist form beneath the tree and rise from the ground.  One mist is red in nature while the other is white.  This represent the stains of earth contrasting with purity.  Red is the color of blood and white the color of the spirit.  The Hebrew word Adam also means man or mankind, and the consonants of that word also form the words earth and red.  The red mist, then, represents Adam who was formed from the earth.  And the white mist would be Eve who came from the white rib bone of Adam.

Geometric Motifs

Rectangle.  Based on the golden mean, a mathematical sequence discovered by Fibonacci (one side = 1.61803 the length of the other side). This Fibonacci sequence can be found all throughout nature, from how a cell divides, to the sequential spiral of a sea shell, or a flowering plant. In this painting the rectangle bordering the circle is a golden rectangle.  Its Length = 34 and its Width = 21.  34 divided by 1.61803 = 21.

Circles and Squares. The circle's shape, without beginning or end, implies eternity and has also come to represent heaven.  The square with its four distinct corners implies the four cardinal points (north, south, east, and west), and therefore, earth. "The square is associated with the terrestrial world and things material.  The circle stands for God, heaven and all things eternal.  The sphere surrounding the tree gives the impression of an approaching world with the message that life on earth was part of a divine plan.

Emblems of Life

The world changed because of what occurred in Eden.  While people traditionally view that event in a negative light due to the natural consequences of mortality (sin, suffering, and death), life actually emerged from the garden.  Some essential elements of the physical body are portrayed in the painting.

DNA. As with the snake, the border foliage follows the shape of the DNA helix.

The Brain. The leaves of the central tree form the shape of a brain. Eve's decision to partake of the fruit highlights an essential fact of the mortal realm: thoughts precede actions.  The brain within the tree imagery also supports the idea that this is the Tree of Knowledge.

Dividing Zygote. The Flowers of Life in the upper corners serve several symbolic purposes.  The quatrefoil, four-lobed design parallels the four-cell human zygote early in its development. The fifth sphere in the center of the four "cells" represents the spirit that exists inside the physical body.  There are two developing zygote representations, one to indicate the male and the other, the female.

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